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Consistently Delivering Unparalleled Value

Offering our own branded line of poultry & meat varieties from Connecticut to Virginia.

"Through a unified effort, we will consistently deliver unparalleled value"

State Street Poultry &  Provisions. We're more than just chicken

Consistently Delivering Unparalleled Value

State Street has established itself as the premier processor and distributor in the mid-Atlantic marketplace. We produce our own branded line of poultry including portion control, value-added, and center of the plate. In addition, we deliver a full line of commodity proteins, from New York to Virginia. We are committed to exceeding the needs of both our customers and supplier.

State Street's objective is simple: Establish relationships in both supply and demand, while nurturing them into partnerships by providing the finest quality products to our marketplace.

We have Spanish and Korean-speaking employees to help answer questions and take orders.

To speak with our Spanish speaking rep, please contact Diana Disintonio 443-960-1009

To speak with our Korean speaking rep, please contact Myung Kim at 443-632-8892

Store Info

2221 Berlin Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
Phone: (410) 727-6210

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Monday - Friday
9:00AM - 5:00PM
Saturday - Sunday

Wholesale Provisions

Specializing in Fresh Poultry, Beef, Pork, Seafood & More.

Holly Poultry has its roots in the meat commodities market, combining generations of industry experience with cutting edge technology and an experienced warehouse and distribution team. Over the years, we have built amazing relationships with our suppliers that allow us to negotiate the best rates for the freshest products.

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State Street Poultry and Provisions

2221 Berlin Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
Tel: 410-727-6210
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